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Game Rentals Now at Mud Puddle!

Can a computer learn to play Settlers of Catan? - Sciworthy

1. How do rentals work? We now offer rentals for our most popular party and family games. You can rent any game for seven days for only $10, with a refundable restocking deposit. Deposits vary based on the cost of the item, generally $20-50, and are taken at the register when you pick up the item.

2. Where do I reserve a rental? You can reserve a game rental right here online, or you can come down to the store to pick out a game in person.

3. How do I get a refund on my game deposit? What happens if I lose or damage the game? Return the game in the same condition as you originally rented it one or before its due date and receive your deposit back. If the game is lost or damaged, we will keep your deposit to cover the cost of restocking the item.

4. What if I want to buy the game? If you wish to buy the game you are playing you can simply call or email us and it's yours.

5. What if I want to rent a game you do not have in your rental section? Just ask! If we have it available we will happily rent it to you.

6. How do I play the game? If you click on the available games and scroll down, you will come to a description of the game as well as links to videos and online tutorials for the game.

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